Categories: General
      Date: Apr 14, 2017
     Title: Spring 2017 Update

With a mild winter and an early spring, the gardens in the Villages are already taking shape. In addition to the normal community activities, including pot luck dinners, we have been very busy with lot and home development. We currently have 5 new home owners scheduled for closing soon. In addition, 3 others have already closed this year and are building their homes now. Driving around the Villages shows a flurry of construction activity in both the Villages and the Orchards phases. One of the highlights has been the development of a new waterfall in the Orchards, which overlooks the land below. Cascading down through 4 pools of water, this feature provides a gentle background noise for all the nearby lots. Finally, we have just completed the paving of the Orchards roads. All Orchard lots are now accessible from public streets.

Written by: Jourdan Wehn