Opportunities for Involvement

VCM Vision, Mission and

Opportunities for Involvement

Vision: The Villages at Crest Mountain is a diverse eco-community modeled around the principles of environmental stewardship, collaborative decision-making, and mutual respect. Our common values include: integrity, trust, joy, and harmony.

Mission - We express our vision by:

  • providing resources and models for green building practices expecting that new houses will be Green Built NC silver level.
  • adhering to permaculture principles which include sustainable practices for land design, rainwater harvesting, community gardening, and the preservation of our beautiful mountain
  • using community leadership teams to support the Homeowners Association
  • nurturing meaningful and compassionate social interactions using tools such as our modified consensus decision-making model as we learn, work and play together

Opportunities for Involvement: We practice interdependence and shared governance while at the same time honoring individual needs and desires for various levels of involvement. There are many ways to participate in our community, and the list below is just a sampling of opportunities. Each of us has unique passions and capabilities. We may participate in those activities that most fit our interests and experience, or we may try something new that we would like to learn more about. We have fun learning and working together to make  our community a place of peace, beauty, and comfort respecting the goals and parameters established by our community. More opportunities for participation will emerge naturally as our community grows.

We encourage everyone to be engaged in one or more of our chartered teams and collaborative activities. Some of the possible ways to be involved are to:

  • Become familiar with the VCM Covenants, By-Laws, policies and agreements and the Mountain Covenants & By-Laws.
  • Attend scheduled VCM Building Sustainable Relationships (BSR/orientation) sessions as soon as possible after purchasing your lot or home. They are typically offered twice a year. As part of these sessions, you will be presented with communication models and conflict resolution guidelines to help as you build sustainable relationships at VCM.
  • Learn to use VCM’s self-governance decision-making approach. This is presented at one of the BSR sessions. This approach was designed after research of the most effective decision-making approaches in other eco-villages. It is designed to be used in property owners’ meetings, team meetings and at HOA meetings.
  • Volunteer to help maintain our common areas including: community gardens, orchards, or vineyards (during the planting, growing and harvesting seasons). Owners who are not living at VCM or who are unable to participate in the maintenance of the common areas may wish to contribute financially to the HOA fund. This is voluntary, but it will help fund some of the Permaculture Team expenses for maintaining our common areas, and participation in this sort of activity helps us keep our HOA dues to a minimum.
  • Join a Chartered Team that will meet periodically to plan VCM projects and activities. Currently the Chartered Teams to choose from are: Building Community, Hospitality, Permaculture, and Administration & Finance.
  • Participate as a Team Leader or officer on one of the four existing Teams.
  • Attend meetings of the VCM HOA and Mountain HOA, and property owners, which are held periodically. Lot owners or residents who have completed the BSR sessions are eligible to serve on the VCM and Mountain HOA Boards. Each lot has one vote.
  • Read related literature on intentional or eco-communities and permaculture. A library of these materials is in the process of being established.
  • Attend community-sponsored social, educational and recreational activities that are offered periodically for owners.
  • Resolve interpersonal differences with other owners using the conflict resolution methods presented in the BSR sessions or ask for mediation support from the Building Community Team who may recommend a mediator.

January 2016