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The idea is simple -- to create a community, not a subdivision.

The Villages at Crest Mountain believes in the fundamental community ideals of balance and responsibility. We believe in social and ecological diversity and that built environments can be healthy, productive and stylish. We choose smart over big, health over indulgence, community over expediency, and inclusion over division. Our primary objective is to maximize the sustainability of the land while keeping prices affordable.

"Americans are due for a prolonged shift away from the consumption
obsession of the post-World War II era" (Time, June 29,2009), and
we have been building monocultural subdivisions, oversized wasteful
homes, and socially divisive communities in this country for over 50

Think It The vision of a residential neighborhood that embraces the growing philiosphies of sustainability, fellowship, and shared resources with stylish affordable homes just minutes from Asheville, North Carolina.

Build It We carefully selected home models and builders that represent the utmost in quality, efficiency and style. Our builders have been pioneers in the widely regarded WNC green building movement. We offer a range of styles and prices - all NC Green Built Certified.

Grow It Residents will enjoy a comprehensive edible landscape, including: common gardens, orchards, vineyards and berry patches, along with ornamental plantings. Each homeowner will have the opportunity to work with our highly acclaimed permaculturalist to create custom landscaped home sites.

Live It A community focus on nurturing inclusion, community and harmony within the Villages at Crest Mountain.  Several different programs are in place to encourage a diverse community lifestyle: a community social network, and an extensive community green space.