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How does this community operate?


In addition to the Villages Homeowners Association, which is governed by a five member Board elected by the community, the Villages has four chartered teams.  These teams facilitate the physical, social, and financial growth of the community.

1. The Administration and Finance Team: Planning, maintaining, and monitoring items related to the community’s budget, related policies, and administration.

2. The Building Community Team: Planning, maintaining and facilitating the orientation of new owners and the governance structure and related processes for the community.

3. The Hospitality Team: Planning, maintaining, and fostering social gatherings, monthly pot lucks, and welcoming new owners.

4. The Permaculture Team: Planning, maintaining, and nurturing items related to the eco-system including the landscape, gardens, orchards, and common areas.


  • To create and maintain a sustainable community lifestyle for all residents.

  • To facilitate building sustainable relationships that help residents live together in harmony.

  • To facilitate social activities that foster inclusion, enrich community life and benefit individuals living in the community.

  • To establish a process and structure for ongoing community involvement and well-being.

  • To promote positive relationships with organizations outside of the community.


How we propose to accomplish these goals:

  • Residents contribute ideas, talents and leadership skills in a spirit of active neighborhood collaboration in committee work, community governance and community projects such as the community gardens, orchard and vineyards.

  • Encourage celebrations through community events that provide a sense of inclusion and integration.

  • Participate in group decision-making by giving consent or by raising timely objections that are reasoned, responsible and logical. Deal directly, openly and respectfully with one another, assuming individual responsibility to recognize and resolve conflicts as they arise, recommending mediation if the resolution is not achieved to the satisfaction of all those involved.

  • Utilize compassionate communication skills to avoid and mediate conflicts in our community relationships.

  • Maintain a safe community environment by minimizing risk through prevention-oriented construction and the maintenance of physical facilities and by using practices based on sound judgment and by developing preventative awareness.

  • Promote positive relationships and understanding with the residents of Woodfin, Asheville, Buncombe County and Western North Carolina as well as a number of community groups and resources.