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Food Production

The Villages at Crest Mountain feature organic garden beds, fruit trees, edible landscaping, blueberry bushes and grapevines. Residents continue to add and harvest more and more food every year! Currently, every resident will have at least one personal garden row and the excess garden space is used for the greater community.

Renewable Energy

All homes are net metered with Duke Progress energy to maximize solar energy opportunities. Tax credits and new technology makes solar and PV panels an attractive option for all residents.

On-Site Building Materials

The Villages at Crest Mountain use on-site natural materials in the construction and design of the community. The recycling and repurposing of materials gives our community that true "green" feel. Trees removed from homesites become decorative landscaping, garden lattice and fencing. Rocks and boulders become community landscaping, firepits, artwork and even our featured waterfall!

Rainwater Harvesting

Together with Brown Consultant engineers, we have designed a localized rain water retention strategy. We have done this by using the newly installed storm water system as the storage vessel for use in the community gardens. Using weirs and pumps, we store rain water in key locations and pump it to the surface for irrigation. The rain water retention strategy lowered the material impact of the project, while reusing the water resource that would typically flow off-site.


Every resident receives a landscape allowance to custom design their lot's landscape. A $500 landscaping budget is standard with every home in the Village. Orchard lots have a matching landscape allowance up to $1,000.

Green Building Techniques

All structures in our community are built with environmentally sensitive, eco-friendly materials and must have the minimum standard of Silver Level Healthy Built Homes certification. Our energy expert will conduct home energy rating scores and blower door tests for all homes.

Live, Work and Play!

Residents can live, work and play in their community at the Villages at Crest Mountain, minimizing transportation needs and reducing greenhouse gases.

  • Live: Our stylish eco-cottages are designed and constructed with energy efficiency, affordability and quality in mind. We offer an extensive range of personal finishes and green upgrades, enabling residents to customize homes to fit various budgets and needs.

  • Work: Crest Mountain has professional office suites and the Crest Center and Pavilion event spaces. Villages at Crest Mountain residents can create their own office environment in their home or separate office studio.

  • Play: Green space and our beautiful community of trails, trees, waterfalls and more encourage outdoor activity and fun.