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November 2015

We now have 29 lots sold and 21 homes built and occupied.  We have three homes currently under construction and at least two more planned to start in the near future. The Village has matured into a vibrant activity center with our residents and their active participation on the various community teams, which is bringing sustainable living to life with emphasis on gardening, hospitality, governance and more.

Two more lots sold on Memorial Day

With 29 lots sold, 21 homes built and 3 under construction, the momentum of The Villages at Crest Mountain is really picking up.  Add the rising real estate trends and tourists season in Asheville, and you will find our new sustainable community is busy as ever!

17th Lot Sold!
December 2011

Seven full time residents now occupy homes in The Villages at Crest Mountain with three more homes nearing completion soon. The Villages hospitality comittee decorated for the holiday season and added "life to the community"

Infastructure in phase 2
September 2011

New roads have been installed into phase two of The Villages at Crest Mountain giving access to 40 new lots with views into the city of Asheville and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.  Water and Sewer have all ready been installed, with power, natural gas , and pavement coming soon.

Hospitality, Permaculture,Social governance teams formed
August, 2011

As part of our community mindset, our residents have formed teams to help guide the neighborhood in certain areas.  The hospitality team coordinates meals, social events, book club/library as a way to foster social interaction.  The permaculture team manages the land use of the neighborhood with specific detail to food production and water usage.  The Social governance team is responsible for the HOA rules and regulations, along with budget and finance management.

4 new lots sales
July 2011

We are pround to annouce 4 new lot sales bringing our total number of sales up to 16 in our first 2 years.

Garden Beds planted
May 2011

54 garden beds have been tilled and planted with crops for the season.  Food production is a large part of eco villages and we are happy to get off to a great start.  Our first season is underway and we are excited about what the future holds.

Entrance Sign Installed
April 2011

The entrance sign to Villages at Crest Mountain is now in place and makes for a great welcoming entrance to the neighborhood.

Orchard & Vineyard Installation
November 2010

VCM is very excited to announce the planting of the first phase of our extensive orchard and vineyards had begun! Under the guidance of nationally recognized Permculturist Chuck Marsh of Useful Plants Nursery and his team,   we are currently installing 50 fruit trees and 30 grape vines. These plantings, the first of many, will service the residents of VCM and their families for years to come.

Model Homes to Begin Construction
October 2010

We are excited to have started construction on two models in addtion to two custom homes and our mail center. Things are happening here at VCM - come check out our progress! If you would like to schedule a private tour of our eco-community now, you may call 828-252-7787 or email us

Infrastructure Development in Full Swing
Fall 2009

Even in these uneasy economic times, we are making substantial forward progress. We are in the process of grubbing the majority of the lots, installing our innovative storm water system, grading the roads and padding the Phase I lots for building. We will continue over the next few months, we will complete the utility infrastructure and the remaining development level amenities. The project is really taking shape. We are putting our money where our mouth is, developing the project free of any bank loans or encumbrances, removing any doubt as to the financial stability of the project and positioning ourselves for the market recovery and the emerging green market.

Developer Launches 10/10/10 Owner Financing Initiative

Fall 2009

Developer Reese Lasher launched VCM's new 10/10/10 Owner Financing package recently, offering residents the opportunity to reserve a lot in the community for a small down payment and monthly payment, even if they are not quite yet ready to build. "This will allow our new residents great financial flexibility in these difficult economic times" and is our way of reaching out to people not wanting to miss the opportunity to be a part of something special due to tight bank credit. It will allow future residents who are still waiting to sell a home, or are not looking to build for a few years, to hold a position in WNC's most progressive sustainable ecovillage. Talk to a VCM representative for more details, but this is to good of an opportunity to pass up.

VCM Reps Meet With US Army Water Management Team

Oct 2009

Representative of VCM's planning and development team, along with Alvin Fuller of Brown Consulting, PA, met with nearly a dozen representative of the Ft. Bragg (NC) Water Management Team here at Crest Mountain to share experiences and techniques in terms of water planning related issues. The round table discussion, as covered here locally by both WLOS and WWNC,   lasted several hours, as the parties exchanged stories, lesson learned and hopes for the future. The VCM team is making plans to do a site visit at Ft. Bragg, hopefully next spring.

Brookgreen, LLC Purchases the Villages Property from Bank

Sept 2009

In a stunning move, Brookgreen, LLC, the developer of VCM, purchased the property from the bank, leaving it unencumbered. This allows the developer to offer VCM residents and preferred builders an incredible range of highly flexible financial option. In an environment where local developers are struggling and failing very publically, this is testament to the financial strength and stability of the project and the developer.

VCM Meets with Asheville Communities Network

Aug 2009

In a show of commitment to community and the basic principles of cohousing, representatives of VCM presented to ACN, followed by a potluck at the Crest Pavilion that was enjoyed by all. The presentation included a basic overview of the project, followed by a Q&A with local community-minded residents. VCM is committed to being a responsible member of the local community - stay tuned for upcoming community outreach events.