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Chuck Marsh is a co-founder, designer and land planner for the renowned Earthaven Ecovillage near Black Mountain, NC.

Earthaven is an experimental community exploring what it means to live ecologically responsible and socially conscious during our times. Founded in 1994, Earthaven is a rare example of a North American, Permaculture-based eco-village.

Chuck's experience in creating and developing Earthaven gives him unique insights and experience into the opportunities and challenges of village development. He was awarded the 1995 Permaculture International Community Service Award for his innovative work in Permaculture education and eco-village planning and design.

Through his consulting business, Living Systems Design, Chuck offers a wide range of Permaculture, community design, ecological land planning, edible landscaping design, and implementation services.

Chuck has been instrumental in designing our village, both philosophically and practically, especially as it pertains to the gardens and edible landscaping features. He will work with individual residents to design customized landscapes on personal lots.

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